I make small-scale wooden sculptures designed to intrigue the curious. They often have hollow areas into which I place smaller found objects or curiosities, or sometimes pieces of text or a poem, depending on the piece.

My wooden sculptures are hand-carved, original designs that try to be elegantly simplistic while still remaining approachable and inviting. Ancient objects whose precise functions have been lost in time inspire me. This influences the design of my pieces as I try to instill them with the same enigmatic qualities found in my source material. I am fascinated with ancient cultures and their exoticism is expressed in my work through curious forms and implied function; something familiar and yet unfathomable all at the same time. These influences combine to create work with a vague sense of unreality that still retain a comforting familiarity, which provoke an urge to curl up inside one and take shelter form the world.

I use a variety of different woods (Yew, Hazel, Cherry, Lime, Rowan, Oak) and I add small pieces of metal (copper, brass, and silver) as well as inks, handmade paper, barks, fabric, cotton, and found natural materials. I love combining different textures and materials to create an object that fascinates and delights. It’s these qualities especially that I bring into my framed pieces – creating tiny worlds that are perfect for any home.


I studied Contemporary Applied Arts Ba (Hons) at Hereford College of Arts and graduated in 2012. Since then I have been living and working in Bristol.


I'll work with you to create a stunning piece just for you.


Designed to intrigue the curious

framed pieces

Perfect for any home